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Our innovative approach creates value-based offering:

Strong recruitment team that specializes in your requirement.

The multi-disciplinary team we deploy will utilize all the very latest search technologies, our own qualified database, combined with direct personal approaches to secure the best possible pool of talent.

Cost saving and reduced cycle time through well-defined service level metrics.

Connection with passive and active candidates – through social media strategies and our exclusive recruitment marketing campaigning technology.

Capability to provide a client-dedicated recruiting team.

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Why Folkstrong?

Folkstrong helps you to recruit the right talent for the right positions to meet
the right needs at your company at the right time.

Employer Branding

Your employer brand is the collection of human experiences with your organization. Your brand turns transactions into connections and connections into relationships.

Talent Analytics

You need numbers to make informed business decisions and to build measurable, meaningful insights that connect your talent strategy to organizational growth goals.

Recruiting Strategy

The approach is more agile than ever – looking beyond geographical boundaries, leveraging analytics to predict talent success, and always progressing to achieve your strategic business goals.

Social Media Recruitment

With the competition increasing for top talent, social media has become an essential tool for sourcing and recruiting the best candidates. More than 90 percent of recruiters now use social networking platforms to identify, recruit and retain ideal employees.

Reduced Time

We know Timing is everything. Submitting quality resumes before deadlines every time has been the key to our success and this is the most significant factor in one's growth on all level, so we focused on such relevant factor to reduce time.


FOLKSTRONG Group provides complete resume sourcing , advanced sourcing and screening solutions to our clients. We at FOLKSTRONG proud of our Scouring pundits who canvasses online portals, job boards, internal databases, LinkedIn, and many other sources for finest profiles.

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