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A gradual shift has been underway in the Indian Pharmaceutical sector where the technological advancements have been taking inroads into the development, testing phases of various new drugs, disrupting the erstwhile processes to unfold innovations to create new opportunities and an evolved business model.

Complementing the change of pace for the Industry, the space is being heavily contested by small- and medium-level enterprises, which are very agile and growing at a rapid pace. In the fast-evolving environment, the need of the Industry to find reliable talent, which can boost creativity and prove a contributor towards the profitability of the company through innovation, becomes a high priority.

Through our decades of experience in the industry, we understand that the product development cycle for the Pharma sector is a long-drawn process. It is thus important for our clients to find reliable talent who have the ability to focus on product innovation in the long run. We are committed to providing time bound and high-quality value-added search solutions for a wide range of executive and managerial roles.

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When it comes to hiring for this sector, we are looking at a scenario of huge demand and supply gap. The need of the hour is to hire qualified professionals who have the ability to cope up with fast pace growth and competitive environment. We cater to the Hiring requirements for both medical & non-medical professionals. We have industry experts who've worked in this industry and understand the challenges of this highly complicated and regulated industry. Our network within this industry helps us tap the right talent in a short span of time.

Over the years, we have witnessed the journey of Healthcare Industry, therefore we understand the complexities and know what talent will best suit your requirement. With hiring solutions from FOLKSTRONG, business would get highly effective recruitment campaign, with low cost and qualified search.

Our consultants would not only spend time in designing exclusive hiring campaigns for you but will help you in your efforts to lower your company attrition rates.

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Folkstrong Consulting Services has unmatched experience in promoting talent and we follow the same principal for our organization.

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